Student Bill of Rights

National Education has always subscribed to the principles laid out in the "Student Bill of Rights". We are proud of the fact we have always honored these principles and we pledge to continue to uphold these in the future.


  1. The right to unbiased advice about loans and lenders from your financial aid office.
  2. The right to choose the lender that is best for you, even if that lender is not included on your school's preferred lender lists.
  3. The right to know what criteria your school uses to select preferred lenders, and the right to know whether preferred lenders are paying the school or financial aid officials.
  4. The right to know what benefits or rate discounts lenders offer, and whether those benefits or discounts will be available immediately, or only after a certain number of consecutive timely payments.
  5. The right to know if a lender has agreed to sell its loans to another lender.
  6. The right to know whether borrower benefits and discounts will continue if the loan is sold.
  7. The right to know what interest rate you will be paying for the loan before you borrow.
  8. The right to exhaust your federal borrowing options (Stafford, PLUS, and Perkins) before turning to higher-cost private loans.