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Defaults are a drag - borrowers' credit is severely damaged, schools risk sanctions on access to Federal loans and grants, and taxpayers have to foot the bill. With so much at stake, it's critical to take precautionary measures to ensure repayment success. That's where we come in.

National Education has been preventing defaults since 2001 - we've learned what works. Our early outreach default prevention and one-on-one counseling keep student borrowers informed and default rates low.

Our staff guides borrowers to successful repayment, and our website securely houses sensitive loan data, which is made available to partner schools to perform queries, download reports and view National Education's outreach progress. Borrowers also have access to repayment resources, including both FFELP and FDLP forms, financial literacy and repayment plan information and contact information for all servicers.

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Early Outreach:
We contact students during their school, grace and early repayment periods to increase their awareness and educate them about their debt. By establishing a relationship with them early, students are much more likely to contact us later in the loan cycle if they know who we are and trust that we can help them.
Personal Communication:
Our outreach efforts are predominantly through phone and email. During all our outreach we will encourage borrowers to make payments, provide assistance in communicating with loan servicers, coach the students on deferment and forbearance eligibility as well as counsel them on alternative repayment options.
We work as an advocate for you and your students:
Our student communication is tailored to meet the needs of each client school. We work with your students in a courteous, professional manner to complement the collection efforts of the loan servicers. Our staff facilitates three-way calls between the student and current loan holder to resolve delinquencies and mediate any outstanding issues.

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Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is critical to your students' success, but the rules and regulations of student loans can be daunting. Our Financial FitNES program provides clear, concise and up to date information for your students so they can make informed decisions.

Our online Financial FitNES program includes:

  • Comprehensive information about education loan debt
  • Detailed information on repayment and deferment options
  • One on one personalized counseling to address individual student's needs
  • Interactive online student loan repayment calculators
  • Dynamic online budget worksheets
  • Helpful links to external resources

Skip Tracing

When you lose contact with your students, we can help you get back in touch. With experience performing this critical function since 2001, National Education Servicing has proven itself an expert in the field.

Our skip tracing professionals use several databases and proprietary research methods to find accurate, reliable contact information. Over the last three years National Education's skip success rate has averaged above 80%.

History of Service

National Education was designated an 'exceptional performer' by the Department of Education. We earned this distinction because of our extraordinary loan servicing. View our performance standards and statistics report to see more information about our servicing.

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